Sleepless nights, tons of reports, tiring school works – these are just a few things that stress out students. And when summer is already near, it excites them all because the time has now come for them to relax and take a break.

Summer is also the time where one goes on a variety of adventures like traveling, road trips, and excursions. Some also go volunteering or even have summer jobs. But above all, you must use this summer vacation to have some ‘me’ time and to recharge yourself for the coming school season.

Do Things That You Love

Before school starts, make sure that you have done everything that you want and love to do. Perhaps binge watch your favorite series on Netflix or Hulu. Or maybe get in on that video game you’ve been meaning to finish. You can also try reading a few books during the 2-month vacation period. The point is, try doing something you haven’t had the chance of doing during the hectic school days.

Don’t Hesitate to Say “No”

The summer season can be filled with various activities and events, and if you are the type who get a lot of invites to join some of these, then good for you. However, saying yes to all of these might drain you all the more, instead of recharging you. Especially if you just came off a hectic semester.

Saying no to some of the invitations you get is actually not that bad. You should take a look at your schedule first. Check if you have free time for a couple of spontaneous activities or some fun night outs. Also, allocate a few days so you can help a friend when needed. If you need to cancel some of your commitments, don’t hesitate to do so.

Have an ample time to sleep

Being young, you might have this motto of “sleep is for the weak.” That’s understandable. But as you grow older, you’ll appreciate every moment when you can take a quick nap, or better yet, a proper sleep. Because trust us, when you’re already integrated into the workforce, you will be deprived of sleep.

So for this summer, try to have as much sleep as you can. Make sure that you get at least eight hours of sleep a day. If you’re feeling sleepy, head to your bed and go for a quick nap. Yo have all the time to lax this summer, so don’t deprive your body of sleep just to make up for all the activities you want to do. Lastly, try not to stay awake very late at night.