The managerial position is not as glamorous as it seems to be. There is a crazy amount of pressure for you to do good with your task of dealing and organizing your team which comes with people of varying attitude and behaviors.

Having an exceptional academic background is not a sure indicator that you are competent to become a manager.

There are several mistakes that new managers tend to do which falls short of the standard on becoming a good one.

What are usual lapses new managers commit and how can you go from just a “Manager” to a “Good Manager”?

Mistake 1: Don’t separate managing as a different task

Many employees who are tasked with management tend to separate this task and treat it as another phase of the job. As you do your contributions as a corporate worker, you should also meet the demands of your management incumbency. That is why you have to instill the values and do tasks a manager does on the daily. Don’t try to make “becoming a manager” as the other face of your job, treat it as one.

Mistake 2: Don’t let them work for you. You should work with them.

A good manager will always try to bring the best out of what their team has to offer. Therefore there is a need to be able to pinpoint the individual capabilities of your team and accordingly delegate them tasks. You should be able to make the teamwork together while also highlighting their individual strengths. 

Mistake 3: Level yourself as equals with your team, not a superior

Many managers gain big egos once they get the position. A good manager doesn’t distinguish himself from the rest of the team. Bond with your team and talk to them often so you can learn their different behaviors and attitude which you can use when delegating tasks. When become one with your team, productivity will skyrocket. Let go of your pride as a manager and don’t put yourself on the pedestal and in return, they will give you the respect that you deserve.

Being a manager is a fairly difficult job. How good you are as a manager is not reflected with your academic excellence and the awards that you get. It is instead manifested by how much potential you can bring out from your team.